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Warrior Graphic Print 8" x 10"

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Shipping calculated at checkout. We only ship within the United States. Orders with graduation dates greater than 9 Months from order date CANNOT be fulfilled.
*Starting with units who have commenced training in January 2023, we will no longer be serving Fort Jackson. We cannot fulfill orders for those units.*

The My Fort Jackson Warrior Graphic Print 8" x 10" is a customized keepsake that features your Soldier In Training in his/her OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniform accompanied by The ARMY logo, Fort Jackson Logo, and your soldier's Company/Unit and Graduation Date.

*Enter your Soldier's name as you would like it to be displayed on the My Fort Jackson Warrior Graphic Print using the provided fields. "First Line" field refers to characters placed on top line under the portrait. "Second Line" field refers to characters placed on bottom line under the portrait. On the product example, "Robert" was entered in the First Line Field and "Staffanson" was entered in the Second Line field. We will print the name and grad date exactly how they are entered in these fields. We will print the name and grad date exactly how they are submitted with your order.

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Your soldier in training CANNOT order these Graphic Prints on Base so you will never have to worry about duplicate orders. Please enter only one Soldier/Unit per order.

In order to have every possible chance to capture and receive all images of your SIT, we receive all portrait images 3 weeks after the start of BCT. This deadline can also be pushed back due to COVID-19 restrictions. We do our best to ship orders no later than the week after graduation and our shipping takes 5-7 business days. You are welcome to place your orders at any time as long as you have your SIT's Company, Battalion, Regiment, Platoon, and Graduation Date. We will notify you once we have received, processed, and created the products with the images of your SIT.

We offer you the best finished prints in the industry. Using cutting-edge equipment, we print on the world's finest papers, plus, our team of experienced color technicians provides superb color management so that each and every print looks picture perfect. Standard Archival Value of 100 years when displayed in your home with normal exposure to sun and light; 200 years Archival Value in dark storage.

 To download photos of your SIT's unit in action while training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, visit our Military Action website at BasicTrainingPhotos.com.

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